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The IMPLEMENT 4.0 training course is designedto improve knowledge of digital solutions amongagricultural professionals and eventually improvethe overall sustainability and competitiveness ofthe European agricultural sector. The course willconsist of the following modules:

Module 1: Digital farming and sprayers, corresponding to a basic EQF Level 3, will includethe introduction of digital technologies, based onavailable data, machinery and farm-managementsoftware and tools linked to specific land-usepatterns and existing good practices from Turkey,Italy and Spain.

Module 2: Precision farming plant protectiontechnologies on selected crops: field crops,corresponding to EQF Level 4, will be targeted tofield crops with a case-study based approach forcrop protection technologies.

Module 3: Precision farming plant protectiontechnologies on selected crops: tree selectedcrops, corresponding to EQF Level 4, will betargeted to tree crops with two main parts: 1)Needs and 2) Application Implements and OtherInnovations for crop protection technologies.

Module 4: Precision farming plant protectiontechnologies on selected crops: horticulture,corresponding to EQF Level 4, will be targeted tohorticultural crops with two main parts: 1) FieldVegetable Crops and 2) Greenhouse Farming forcrop protection technologies.

Module 5: Digital data for farmers and certificationsystem for sustainable farming, corresponding toEQF Level 5 and 6, will be focused on certificationof digital farming linked to plant protectionmachineries and smart farming solutions.


IMPLEMENT 4.0 training course is directed atagriculture professionals: a) farmers, sprayersoperators, b) agronomists, trainers and personsin charge of the prevention and protectionservice at work. c) technicians in charge forfunctional controls of digitally managed sprayermachineries; d) manufacturers of sprayermachineries with specific reference to providingcertification for machineries implemented withdigital solutions.


Smart agriculture sets the grounds for the amore precise, efficient and sustainableagriculture of the future. IMPLEMENT 4.0 willraise the skills capacity and in-house functionalknowledge of the target groups based on bestpractices from Turkey, Italy and Spain in orderto improve the overall competitiveness of theEU farming sector and succeed in anincreasingly digital, green and knowledge driven economy.


IMPLEMENT 4.0 brings together amultidisciplinary team with a wide range oftechnical experience and know-how inagriculture, smart farming and e-learning, toefficiently implement the work in addressing thedigital skills needs of the agriculture workforce.The project consortium consists of 7 partnersfrom three European countries (Turkey, Italy,and Spain), coordinated by Ondokuz MayısÜniversitesi from Turkey.